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Updated: 2019 Best Pond Aeration Windmill
Don’t Get Fooled Into Buying an Inferior Pond Aeration Windmill
Don’t Get Misled - Many Pond Aeration Windmill Review’s & Top “ Rated”  Windmill
Articles you read online are PAID advertisements Masquerading as 
“Fair & Honest” Reviews.
Commission Based Ratings & Articles are written by authors who likely have never
even seen nor touched a Pond Aeration Windmill, their ratings are NOT based
On their Honest review of quality or performance of a Pond Aeration Windmill
They are based on how much Commission or Referral money a certain company offers.
….whichever company
offers the LARGEST % of commission for a referral
that companies Product tends to the #1 Rating
see how it works?
If you read a Review or “Rating” Article and it has links to Amazon or Other websites to
Purchase said Product they just Reviewed or Rated, Beware: You’re are likely reading
a (Commission Based) Review… NOT an Actual Honest Review or Rating Based on
 The Products Quality or Performance.  
Mescan Windmills LLC  - Has been selling Pond Aeration Windmills for over 20 Years
We were the #1 seller in the World for Diaphragm compressor for over 13 year !
….Any article or review that rates a
Diaphragm compressor above a Bellow compressor is either a commission based
Article or written by an Author that has NO CLUE what they are talking about.

Fact is Bellow compressor produce more CFM & have a 10-15 year Life
Expectancy, Diaphragms produce less CFM & have only a 5 year
expectance ( Tops )  before a replacement is needed.
Top 10 Reasons American Eagles are the #1 Pond
Aeration Windmills in the World!
….Far Superior to Diaphragms.
#1: All our Bearings are Greasable
-  ( Diaphragms have sealed Bearings NOT greasable )
#2: Our Goodyear/Firestone Bellows have a 10-15 Year
Life Expectance. -  ( Diaphragms 5 Year Life ( Tops )
#3: Strong 4 Leg Towers made of 14 Gauge Metal
-  ( Diaphragms 3 Leg Towers made of Lighter 18 Gauge Metal )
#4: High Output Bellow meaning NO Freeze Control Needed.
 -  ( Low Output Windmills need a Freeze Control as they are
not capable of pushing condensation down the airline)
#5: Our Ground Mounting Rods are Solid Rebar
-  ( Diaphragms use light weight hollow tubing )
#6: Many Powder Coated Steel Parts: ( Wheel Hub, Compressor
Housing, Tail Arm & Tower Top Starter )
-  ( Diaphragms parts Painted, Powder coating an addition charge )
#7: Built in Self Lubrication UHMW Blocks for Better Wind Tracking
-  ( Diaphragms - None )
#8: Our Tower Top Starter
(The Main Part that Holds the Tower Together)
Is Powder Coated Steel.
 -  ( Diaphragm Tower Top Starter is Plastic )
#10: 6 & 12 Month Financing Available.
 -  ( Zero Money Down Financing Available)
#9: 78 “ Fan Wheel Available (Largest On The Market !.)   
-  ( Diaphragms Only 73’’ Fan Wheel  )
2019 Best Pond Aeration Windmill ( American Eagle )
Mescan Windmills LLC  - Refuses to participate in paying commissions for FALSE ratings.
Our American Eagle Windmill Product speaks for itself.
Remember: If you see Amazon & Website links to Products in a Rating or Review
Article Beware…You’re likely Reading a Review that is written for
(Commission) reasons.. NOT to inform you.